Handling of claims

Budweg Caliper A/S would like to strengthen the service by minimizing the handling time of claims and ensure a correct handling of warranties in co-operation with its customers. Therefore, the following procedures must be followed when a claim is sent to Budweg Caliper A/S. 

Packing and marking

Please enclose a warranty report for each warranty with a detailed description of the reason for complaining. 

Place the claims in a separate box and mark the box with a yellow Budweg label on top for proper indication of department.

If claims are returned together with old cores, the claims must be packed in a separate box and marked with a yellow Budweg label on top of the box.

Place the box with claims in the pallet on top of the old cores.

Mark the pallet in both ends with a yellow Budweg label.

Please do not place the yellow Budweg label on top of the pallet.

Warranty reports and yellow Budweg labels can be required by e-mail: orders@budweg.com.

Claim Form