Quality standards 

Budweg Caliper A/S products are remanufactured and manufactured according to OE-specifications, under the requirements of the automotive car manufacturing industries of ISO 9001, TS 16949 or similar quality standards.

Highest safety and absolutely reliable products is what we are striving for, guaranteeing outstanding functionality and quality often beyond OE standards. One example: The use of Teflon coated sliding bushes for improving the glide systems in the calipers is one of the numerous technologic solutions developed by Budweg Caliper that make our products astoundingly better than others.

All our calipers are subjecting to highest quality controls before leaving the factory, among other things all calipers are air pressure tested twice and we make just as high demands on our suppliers, too.

In Budweg Caliper’s remanufacturing process we exchange almost all parts ensuring new:

  • Handbrake levers
  • Pistons, that are additionally hard-chromed
  • Springs
  • Push rods
  • Bolts
  • Rubber parts
  • Glide bushes

Additionally, all calipers are marked with identification letters and we give 2-years guarantee on all products. Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to brakes; that is why we intensively and uncompromisingly work on the development and improvement of our products.

To make sure that Budweg Caliper A/S maintains its high quality on its products, we use several known standards.

In 1997 Budweg Caliper A/S was certified for the first time after ISO 9001. Since then, the certification has been maintained and the quality system has improved significantly, so that today we can call us World Class Supplier of brake calipers. New product developments in co-operation with our suppliers, are therefore, dedicated to the PPAP process that guarantees top quality on our products on OE level, too. In addition to that, Budweg Caliper A/S has over the last decades developed own internal standards based on its wide experience being a specialist in producing and remanufacturing brake calipers. These standards guarantee high quality calipers often beyond OE standards, too.