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Budweg Caliper A/S was founded in 1978 and is situated in Odense, Denmark.

Budweg Caliper is market leader supplying brake calipers and spare parts exclusively through distributors and wholesalers in the IAM. From the central distribution center in Denmark, Budweg Caliper delivers to 30 different markets in Europe.

160,000 parts are daily on stock, additionally 255,000 cores ready for immediate remanufacturing on 20 assembly lines. Care, speed and accurate processing deadlines are key aspects of Budweg Caliper’s excellent logistics and high availability.

Our outstanding online catalogue leads the customer fast to the desired product. Furthermore, you find Budweg Caliper’s products in TecDoc. Online ordering through TecCom is of course possible, too.


Budweg Caliper A/S is a 100% Danish owned company whose origin goes back to the years 30, when the grandfather of today’s Budweg Caliper leader, Thomas Egon Larsen and Jan Uwe Larsen started a wholesale business for car parts.

The vision and passion for a concept for remanufactured brake caliper as well as the expertise developed from generation to generation, is an essential component of today’s Budweg Caliper DNA:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Excellent competences & technical know how
  • Highly dedicated people
  • Fair and long term partnership with customers and suppliers 

Budweg Caliper wishes to maintain and build up its strong position in the market and strives for two-digit growth rates – both nationally and internationally. By nature, these ambitions place heavy demands on an organization, that, therefore, will be adjusted sequentially and parallel with the developments. We will further develop and strengthen our internal competences in the company. In close co-operation with our qualified staff, we will continue with process optimizations and initiate key projects, where this is necessary. The goal is to live a continuous optimization of the complete company.


1939     In 1939 the wholesale business “Auto-Dele” was founded by Egon Larsen, the grandfather of today’s Budweg two owners. 

1978     Budweg Caliper is established in 1978 by Henning Larsen, Egon Larsen’s son. Budweg Caliper at that point of time makes part of Auto-Dele. 

1987     In 1987 Budweg Caliper A/S becomes an independent company and the wholesale business Auto-Dele is sold and integrated into today’s FTZ, one of Denmark’s biggest wholesalers.  

1999     Henning Larsen unexpectedly dies and his sons take over the company. 

2007     In 2007, Budweg Caliper opens the factory Hanil in South Corea, that today delivers new castings as well as new calipers in the well-known Budweg quality. By that, Hanil has contributed to an important increase of Budweg Caliper’s availability. 

2012     Budweg Caliper moves to Industrivej 10, Odense into a new factory and facilities with approx. 10,000 qm and invests heavily - among other things - into new technologies and production methods. These investments have resulted in a significantly increased competitiveness as well as the flexibility and agility that are in line with the needs to rapid adjustments in production capacity.                       

At the same time, we decided to do the surface treatment of our products in-house and enhanced by that our competencies once again. 

2014     In order to increase production capacity while improving the work environment at the same time, too, a new semi-automatic assembly line for hand brake calipers is established.  

2014     Additionally in 2014, Budweg China starts up a joint-venture with Longji, the biggest Chinese brake disc and brake pad producer. This opens up new possibilities for developing and supplying in to the OE market in China. 

2015     A new high-bay warehouse with programmable Reach Truck and "quick-pick" systems will be opened with additional 2,000 qm. Furthermore, Budweg Caliper invests in semi-automatic packaging lines, that increase the flexibility for customized packaging.

2018     The Danish private equity fund Capidea has become the new majority shareholder in Budweg Caliper, and will thus take part in continuing the growth and development of the company in partnership with the management and other shareholders. 


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